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We are a mother/daughter team of indie dyers here in Muskoka, Ontario. We work exclusively with natural dyes which we gather from our garden, rural surroundings and Canadian importers who provide ingredients from around the world. Our yarn bases are all from sources that use ethical animal practices and environmentally friendly processing.  Our yarns are playful, sustainable and promote healthy living.

beautiful gradient sets

Through the process of blending unique combinations, your projects will naturally come together. 

one of a kind products

Artistically created, original colorways dyed with ingredients from nature on ethically sourced yarns. 

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With shipping options available for everyone. 

Featured Products

Nature Wrapped Cashmere 

HAND-DYED for your Project

Our Yarns

As hand dyers (and discerning knitters), we look for the highest quality natural fiber yarns. We buy our yarn bases from another small family business, who not only design their yarns in-house, but source their fibers from reliable suppliers who have establish best practices in relation to animal husbandry and the environment. This means no animals are injured and strict standards of waste water treatment and re-use are upheld. We further our commitment to the environment by offering our customers sustainable options. 


The ultra-fine superwash merino blended with cashmere offers affordable luxury. Super soft, plump yarn is the perfect indulgence for decadent sweaters, gloves or shawls.   

Organic cotton

The linen and organic cotton mix brings a matte finish and fabulous drape for warm weather items. Perfect for lightweight summer accessories. 


The extra-fine merino wool makes this yarn luxuriously soft and bouncy. A little nylon is added for durability. Great for next to skin comfort.

Natural Selection

Not sure what to make? Our finest yarns, grouped in pre-made colorway combinations, gradient sets or knit kits are the perfect inspiration for your next project.

One of a Kind Yarns

Our Process

We hand-dye our yarns in small batches with love.  We have four different dye pot techniques. We submerge our yarns to create tonals, kettle dye with multiple ingredients to achieve swirls of colour, and dip-dye our cotton in indigo for an au naturel look. But our signature look is the nature wrapped cashmere, where you'll find bursts of colour and speckling. 

Testing the Fastness of colours

Our Samples

Many dye colours, both natural and synthetic in origin, will fade if exposed to daylight for prolonged periods. Washing will also cause some dyes to become less vivid. While few natural dyes disappear entirely if properly applied, most 'mature' with time, softening in tone. But remember, knitwear is not washed so frequently or worn in strong sunlight for long periods.To allay any concerns, we create knitted samples in our yarns to continually wash and wear in order to best gauge our products.

what customers say about us


Lovely merino and high quality fibre blends. Yarns are dyed to unique colours and shades obtained using organic materials.

katrina selby

Gorgeous yarns hand dyed with passion.

mich meadows, Muskoka yarn connection

This is quality yarn, with amazing colours created by nature and dyed without chemicals. Also, there's always new exciting colours and textures. 

Barb heenan

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